Go-Kart Update: 2 Motors Running

Go-Kart Update: 2 Motors Running

Apr 03, 2023

In continuing with our Go-kart project, we have a massive update! The kart is able to move under its own power! However, we aren’t out of the woods yet, as with any one-off vehicle there are always issues to sort out and this project is no different.


While we were able to get both motors running and get the kart running off a single motor, not long into testing it decided to throw a chain and eat one of its sprockets. This happened because of the twin motor drive train, when the chain slipped off the sprocket of one of the motors the other motor kept on running. This caused the loose chain to bind and bend the sprocket before the user had even realized what had happened.



To fix this issue in the future we have a plan. To ensure the chain doesn’t slip in the future we are adding sprocket guards and upgrading the hubs to stronger ones. By performing these upgrades, the hope is that the system will be more robust, and less damage will happen in the event of a failure, while still having the primary function of avoiding a failure in the first place.


Be sure to keep watching for our next update on this project as we close in on a finished kart!