Introducing the first ACCEL Scholarship Program awardees

Introducing the first ACCEL Scholarship Program awardees

Dec 06, 2021

Boca Bearings

As a company, we are big fans and huge supporters of young innovators and we put our funding where our words are. Our corporate commitment was solidified this year when we partnered up with Scholarship America (SAI) to create the ACCEL Scholarship Program.  For the 2022 calendar year we will have an even more robust scholarship program. As our company and brand grow so will our commitment to our community. 

Due to the current times the ceremony was held via a Zoom call. Nonetheless, the student's excitement was palpable and contagious. 

We celebrate the first anniversary of our scholarship program by announcing the (4) winners for the 2021 scholarship year. Learn more about each of them below. 


We are so proud of these young minds and it makes us infinitely happy to have the means to support them. 


It goes without saying that without your support BB would not be able to extend this level of support to all these great community causes. Therefore, we thank you and we wish you, and your families happy holidays. 



2021 Awardees




Michael Milligan 

Hello! My name is Michael Milligan and I am currently a mechanical engineering student at the University of Florida. My past involvement in high school clubs such as SECME sparked my interest in engineering design and I am continuing this interest in student groups at UF. So far, I have joined the Student Design Competition (SDC) where I am helping to design and construct one of two new faces of the Weil Hall clock tower. I am also interested in pursuing a minor in computer science or computer engineering to help supplement my mechanical engineering degree. Plus, I am a first generation college student so adjusting to college life is new to my family, however, this scholarship has helped me in this process by reducing stress caused by college costs.

Beyond the world of academics, I have taken up rock climbing since beginning college. Bouldering is both a physical and mental challenge that encourages me to keep my mind and body healthy. It rocks!



Nathan Fournier 

The scholarship will help me achieve my dreams. I am currently a mechanical engineering undergraduate major studying at the University of Central Florida. I have always been inspired by NASA as well as Disney Imagineering, causing me to pursue engineering.

Giancarlo Rodriguez 

My name is Giancarlo Rodriguez and I am currently attending the University of Wisconsin - Madison. My hometown is Lake Worth, Florida. My major is mechanical engineering and I plan on getting my master degree. My goal is to work for a car company and be a design engineer for the cars to make them safer for the driver and passengers. 




Joshua Wheatherspoon 

I am Joshua Weatherspoon, a first-year student at the University of Florida! What made me want to go into mechanical engineering is the fact I really enjoy designing things, as well as working with technology and machines. I have always loved math and technology and this love for STEM has inspired me to pursue this major.