Meet our new intern: Nicholas Cordero

Meet our new intern: Nicholas Cordero

Sep 23, 2022

Boca Bearings

The BB paid internship program is a robust one. Each semester we try to welcome a bright mind to join our prestigious team. 

We hope to foster and nurture future engineers, and as such for the local STEM ecosystem to continue to grow. 
It pleases us to welcome Nicholas Cordero to the team.  Nicholas will be specifically working on the go-kart project. We hope to have for 2023 a raceable cart. 
Here is his bio:
Hi my name is Nicholas Cordero, I am a junior at Florida Atlantic University studying computer engineering. My two main projects include building my computer and working on my car. I enjoy taking things apart and putting things back together, whether it's fixing it or upgrading it, I really find it rewarding to get something done. In my spare time, I try to get better at 3D modeling. Besides school and work, I like to hang out with friends and play some video games to pass time or take time to relax.