Ryan White: Motorcycle Racer

Ryan White: Motorcycle Racer

Jan 04, 2022

Boca Bearings

When you’re a thrill seeker racing motorcycles will be high on your list! It’s high on ours! We even carry a special line of motorcycle bearings, CHIP  for improved performance. 

Ryan White who has been a thrill seeker since childhood tell us all about this fun albeit high stake sport. “ I grew up around racing and car shows most of my life. My dad was a car guy and always went to the drag strip and car shows with his cars. I started drag racing as soon as I got my license at 16. But I always had the urge to be on a bike ever since I was a kid, but mom didn't agree with that idea. Eventually I moved to drag racing motorcycles when I got my license at 24. Within my first year I proved to be a competitive rider at the drags,and then a friend introduced me to motorcycle road course riding. That's when my love for motorcycle road racing really took off, right after that first time I dragged my knee in a corner I was hooked.” It’s all about the knee drag, even in pictures it looks so cool! 

Ryan was introduced to racing when “My long time friend Donald, owner of Platinum Powersports  introduced me to motorcycle road course riding.” In this sport relying on knowledgeable people and vendors is key. Quality and safety first!

But as in any other high risk sport motorcycle racing has its drawbacks. Ryan explains: “The low point in my road racing venture was in my rookie year when I crashed heavily during my 2nd ever race. I managed to launch myself over the front of the bike trying to avoid another rider. When I impacted the ground the bike landed on top of me. After a short hospital visit and some X-rays, I ended up with a fractured left pelvis......that was the end of my rookie season, I spent the next 3 months healing and just trying to get healthy. It took me another 2 years just riding track days before I was mentally ready to get back to trying racing.”  Just like the Phoenix Ryan was compelled to rise again and return to racing. 

Once hooked on racing it is hard to give it up. Ryan explains: “I love the sport of motorcycle racing. The feeling being out on track, pushing the limits, being in-tune with the bike. Best feeling in the world, nothing else matters in those moments.” At that point the machine and the rider become one. 

Seeing how dangerous this sport is, it's imperative to have reliable and high quality equipment, including bearings. Ryan shares with us; “I heard about Boca Bearings when I attended a motorcycle industry show in the fall of 2018. I got to speak with the Boca Bearing people directly and was impressed by their products.”  

Ryan explains how he uses BB bearings  “I ran BB bearings in my 2018 Kawasaki Ninja 300 race bike, which helped propel me to an overall 3rd place finish in the C.S.B.K. (Canadian Superbike Series) Lightweight class. I am running BB throughout my Kawasaki ZX-10R Superbike, in the wheels and transmission. I'm hoping this will give me the winning edge over my competitors.” We hope so too. Cheers to more winning races. 

The fun for Ryan is only starting as for 2022 he plans to “run the full S.O.A.R. (Southern Ontario Assoc. of Racing) race season, where I will be debuting in my Rookie Pro Superbike and Pro Open classes. Along with potentially racing in the C.S.B.K. (Canadian Superbike Series) race series in Pro Superbike class.” 

Ryan shares even greater news, “I'm currently in the process of starting my own motorcycle performance and training business, we will hopefully be running for 2022....and of course will be trying to be a BB bearing dealer.”  

2022 is already panning out to be a great year not only for Ryan but for BB as well. This year we expect to continue growing our racing sponsored team. Learn more here