The Best Thing in the World: An RC Track!

The Best Thing in the World: An RC Track!

Mar 30, 2022

Boca Bearings

Our friend Mike from the local Coral Springs RC track tells us that the best thing in the world is not to love, money, or an all-paid trip to Paris (those are just cherries) but a local RC Track, now that's the cake!


“One day a friend of mine came over to my house and told me the best thing in the world was just two miles from me.  It turned out to be the Coral Springs RC Track. We purchased cars and before long we were helping out with the track. The people in the RC community were friendly and helpful. After a period of time, the current officers resigned and I became President.” Mike shares with us proudly. 


As the new president, Mike has done a great job at expanding and growing the track. “A few years ago, we added an On-Road Track and in the future, we plan on adding a Rock Crawler and Monster Truck track.” The Monster Truck track is sure to become an instant hit with the local RC enthusiasts. 


Mike is proud to manage a cool and local track. He explains “I enjoy providing a venue where people of all levels of RC Racing can come and spend the day doing what they love.” This is wholesome fun for the whole family. 


Mike shares with us how he came across Boca Bearings for his RC cars and track. “When I first joined the RC hobby, Boca Bearings were always the bearings to get.  I quickly learned they were the best out there with the added bonus of being a company local to our track.  I have used them from the first day I started in RC.” 


While for non-RC enthusiasts a local track may not be the best thing in the world, we at BB feel that is definitely a top contender along with love, money, and Paris. That’s why we are happy to be a sponsor of The Coral Springs Track. We support locally as well as internationally. 

If you are interested in sponsorships for your RC track please email us at