Every Breath they Make

Every Breath they Make

We are always fascinated to see all of the many ways in which our products are utilized. And with more than 9,000 different products in stock, there are quite a few applications worthy of mention.

But few are as crucial as the check valves in oxygen pumps. And they’ve never been more crucial than during the global COVID pandemic.

That’s because oxygen pumps are a primary component in the manufacture of ventilators. And, of course, following the onset of the pandemic, ventilators have been desperately needed by medical facilities everywhere.

Ventilators work by forcibly pumping a mixture of air and oxygen directly into the lungs through a tube. When people breathe normally, air is drawn into the lungs by the vacuum that occurs as the lungs expand. But when breathing is severely impaired, as it is in some extreme cases of COVID, ventilators are needed to reverse the system and use air pressure to manually inflate the lungs and keep blood oxygenated.


Critical Performance

Putting a patient on a ventilator is an extreme solution that medical professionals and their patients prefer to avoid. They are only used in life-or-death situations when there is no other option. So it is imperative that they function PERFECTLY as intended. Lives depend upon their dependability.

And that’s where Boca Bearings comes in.

All of our products are manufactured to exacting standards. Our ceramic balls and ceramic and hybrid bearings are designed to outperform regular bearings in every situation. In other words, no matter what application our bearings are used for, they are built to treat it like a life-or-death situation.


Doing our Part

The global COVID pandemic brought unprecedented challenges to every individual and business in the world. And we are proud to acknowledge and salute those individuals who rose to their challenges and helped lead the rest of us through, especially the medical professionals and essential workers of the world. 

While we would like to include our business among them, the truth is that Boca Bearings was able to do its part simply by doing what we always do – providing exceptionally high quality products, and maintaining a substantial inventory on our shelves.

But if that role was successful in helping patients survive a deadly virus, then we are proud to have contributed our small, but essential part in preserving lives that would otherwise have been tragically lost.

The ceramic balls that we sell to manufacturers of ventilators and other critical medical products are high-performing, extremely durable, hygienic, and thoroughly resistant to corrosion. They are exactly what you need when a life is in the balance.

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