Medford Knife & Tool - Small But Essential

Medford Knife & Tool - Small But Essential

Medford Knife & Tool (MKT) is an Arizona-based manufacturing company that makes and markets high-end knives. They have also been choosing Boca Bearings as their sole provider of custom bearings since 2015.

Chances are, when you think of a folding pocket knife, you probably don’t think about the small but essential role “ball bearings” play in their design. In fact, you’re probably wondering how bearings have ANY role in creating a premium quality folding knife. 

That’s understandable. We get that a lot. If anything, we here at Boca Bearings are accustomed to playing “small but essential” roles. That’s just the nature of the bearing business.

But the truth is that those “small but essential” roles really say a lot about the faith our customers put into our products and our company. And this becomes remarkably clear in the video profile we made for MKT where you can see the essential role our bearing beads play in the functionality of their products.




The video reveals the abundant care MKT takes in meticulously manufacturing their products, which sell for about $500 or more. From the elemental, machine-cut forms, to the detailed hand-finishing, it’s easy to see why MKT’s knives are so prized by their customers. 

But it is Boca Bearings’ simplistic role in the knife construction that stands out. There, in the midst of this painstaking process, we see that within each knife is a pressed single steel bearing that facilitates the knife’s swing lock mechanism.

This is the definition of “small but essential.” 

After all, it is not quite our bearings that make MKT knives so excellent. It is the complete craftsmanship, and the quality of their designs and materials. However, the fact that they would “hinge” their brand’s quality upon ours means everything to us.