The Little Things That Matter

The Little Things That Matter


Machines are wondrous things. Especially those built to automate production processes. Not only are they mesmerizing to watch in operation, but they are also fascinating engineering exercises as well.



The folks at Wild Goose Canning (now Filling) came into their business fortuitously. Their Colorado-based machine shop just happened to share building space with a brewery, and the collaboration between the two created a very attractive product for the growing brewing industry. Amazing what teamwork can accomplish.


Of course, in automation, teamwork is kind of the whole idea.


Machines like the filling and canning machine that put Wild Goose on the map are really a symphony of distinct processes engineered to rapidly and methodically assemble a finished product. And, just like an orchestra, each of the elements that go into that symphony need to be on point, or the entire performance suffers.


This is why the quality of our bearings is so important. And also why our customers count on us.


Bearings are the consummate team player in automation. They are useful in a multitude of different processes, most of which are not likely to take a starring role in an assembly line, but are nonetheless essential.


They are the people who show up every day and give their best every time. Without fail. Without excuses. Their consistency is everything, especially in a machine with thousands of moving parts and integrated processes.


The quality of machines like these is ultimately determined by their efficiency. Efficiency requires consistent performance. Our bearings are evaluated the same way.


When you crack open a beer, you probably won’t think about the filling and canning process that made it possible, and the company that made the beer won’t bother thinking about the thousands of small things that have to work perfectly in tandem to produce the cans they sell. But that’s the whole point. 


When the little things work flawlessly, nobody needs to.


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