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Off Road Clutch Belt Bearings & E Buggy Kit

Off Road Clutch Belt Bearings & E Buggy Kit
Our friend Charles Dekeado tell us why he has silence cars. Find the bearings here: Belt Clutch Bearings E-Buggy kit… 2022-05-24 17:57:01
…Last weekend I went back to Rc3 and raced ebuggy and 2wd mod buggy. In 2wd buggy I finished 5th out of 20 2wd buggy’s in my first race in that class in over 3 years. In ebuggy I…
…Certificate at the Driver’s meeting. Our three biggest classes Saturday were 1/10 MOD Buggy, 2 WD Mod Sct, and 17.5 Mod Sct. I attached pictures of the winners of those three…
…for the RcPro series and 1 for the grand reopening of Thornhill Racing Circuit. Pro E Buggy I have been able to finish a 6th, 7th, and 4th in B. The B main was at Thornhill and on…
…start for me. I decided to have a change and run the Tekno NB48.3 nitro buggy. In February, I had the buggy built and had them on stock bearings cause I had yet to get my Boca…