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Clean Touch Lightning Lube 100ml Bottle. Tetrachloride and Silicone free bearing cleaner.
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2 Reviews
    Reviewer : Stuart
    Date : 5/11/2012
    Your products are excellent !

    My order was processed and shipped promptly and packaged well, with absolutely no drips or leakage.

    The separate plastic bag for each bottle is a good idea to minimize any possible leakage.

    This is not the first time I have ordered from Boca Bearings and it certainly will not be the last. Each time and on each order, I have been totally satisfied !
    Reviewer : Robert
    Date : 1/15/2013
    I still not used all off previously ordered bearings, but the one I used are much better than the one which I received with my RC helicopter. The fact is, that the original one are not ceramics and doesn't have high tolerance as those I ordered from you, so the increase of the performance is something what I was expecting. One thing I was surprised is how good is working Clean touch. I'm using it extensively now and I'm very satisfied with the result. As my experience with Bocca bearings is still very limited, I have to say that it meets my expectations so far, so that is the reason why I would like to order some more.

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