#FR-008C-OS LD

#FR-008C-OS LD
#FR-008C-OS LD
103 Reviews


Ceramic Orange Seal Fishing Reel bearing kits are an upgrade replacement to stock fishing reel bearings. These ABEC #7 bearings have ceramic balls with stainless steel races and retainers. Orange Seal bearings have a non-contact rubber seal which allows the bearing to spin freely with out any excess drag. Ceramic will never corrode; it has less rolling resistance and is lighter and than steel. As a result ceramic bearings last longer and cast longer. All Ceramic Orange Seal fishing reel bearings are supplied Cleaned of Oil or Grease and Lube Dry LD. KIT (2) SMR103C-2OS #7 LD
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103 Reviews
    Reviewer : Mark
    Date : 7/20/2011
    Recently purchased two sets of ABEC 7's to replace my stock spool bearings of my Curado 50E and Chronarch 50MG. You will notice that the casting distance will slightly increase, but the major difference is the ease of casting and when you are pitching and flipping. The bearings definitely will smooth out you cast with only the flick of your wrist. Also, add 1 drop of Hot Sauce to the bearings after every 6 trips out using the reel. The oil will help with the increase of noise from the ABEC 7s.
    Reviewer : Butch
    Date : 2/1/2012

    Just a note regarding your Orange Seal bearings. I ordered a set for one of my Shimano Calcutta's recently just mostly to see if there would be a noticeable difference. Basically, the Calcutta's are extremely smooth reels anyway so I figured that would be a good test to see if the Orange Seal bearings were what they were supposed to be and if I felt they were worth the money. Well, as you can see I just sent you an order for the same bearings to replace those in the two other Calcutta's that I use. The bearings performed better than I had even imagined or hoped that they would.
    I spent several years of my life as a fishing tackle factory rep and currently work part-time at the local Bass Pro store in the fishing department so I have had access to most of the products dealing with the fishing tackle industry over the years and still do. Occasionally, there are products that stand out in my mind as being outstanding products and your Orange Seal bearings certainly fit that category. Many thanks for a great product!!!
    Reviewer : Bruce
    Date : 5/2/2012
    Boca Bearing Company has done a great job of getting the right bearings to me speedly. They are very smart in giving you information if you call them. THX Boca for all the help.
    Reviewer : Jens
    Date : 5/2/2012
    Hi !
    I ordered a couple of boca bearings on the 13 of april.
    They landed in Denmark on the 21 of april.

    Inserted in the Curado on the 23
    Catching fish on thec 24th.

    I must say,that is super proff. shipment over the great ocean.
    thank you very much.

    Reviewer : David
    Date : 5/2/2012

    I am one for who demands high performance from my fishing equipment. I pay particular attention to detail and go extra lengths to ensure my equipment is ready to perform when I need it most (on the water). I�ve had all my reel �supertuned� and it did improve performance I was not satisfied and looked to what else I could do to get peak performance from my reels. I came across various posts on Texas Fishing Forum about Boca Bearings Orange Seal. I did a bit of research into ceramic and determined those where the one I was going to get. I was a bit skeptical at first but applied the free spin test. Before the spool would spin for average of 8 seconds. After replacing the bearings Boca Bearings Orange Seal the spool would spin for 18 seconds.

    I have since have placed another order to upgrade my bearnings and plan to continue as my reel collection continues to build J


    Reviewer : Jeremy
    Date : 5/3/2012
    Love my new bocas. Got a full minute and 7 seconds more out of my free spin on my shimano citics 200g7!!! Atleast 30 mre feet on a long cast and pitchn has never been easier!!!! Thanks for a quality product!!!! Orange seals are beast!!!!
    Reviewer : Greg
    Date : 5/5/2012
    I replaced the stock bearings in my Citica 200E's and my Abu 6500C3 with Boca Orange Seal ABEC-7's Man what a difference!!! These are REALLY nice reels now, they were good before the upgrade, but now they are just unbelievable. The smoothness, and control of the cast and the retrieve is so much better. I would highly recommend these bearings to anyone who isn't satisfied with just "fair to ok" performance in their fishing reels. Boca Orange Seals have made my reels perform like nothing that I have ever used before in my lifetime.
    Reviewer : Tong
    Date : 5/7/2012
    Hi there! I recently made another purchase from Bocabearings.com The product was shipped very fast and all 3 bearings work magnificently! Can't say much, but thank you for a wonderful product! Will definitely be ordering more from you guys! Great job Boca Bearing!!! A+++
    Reviewer : Bruce
    Date : 5/7/2012
    Boca bearing are a great bunch of people to work with over the phone. Knowledge is there game with fast speedy service. I will do bussiness again.
    Reviewer : Randy
    Date : 5/14/2012
    Received bearings quickly, and had no trouble installing them in my Curado 50E.

    The difference is remarkable.

    I will definitely order again for my other baitcasting reels.
    Reviewer : Lorenzo
    Date : 5/30/2012
    I replaced all spool bearings on my reels with Boca Bearings ABEC 7 Orange Seal. I�ve used them more than two years now and very happy with it. I always fish on saltwater surf fishing and the ceramic bearing last longer than the stock bearings. It even cast further and another plus is that it�s easy to remove the seal for flushing and cleaning.
    Reviewer : Ben
    Date : 5/31/2012
    Boca Bearing,
    There are several things I would like to comment about your company.

    1. It is easy to find the item you need on your website. Out of all the bearings available it only takes a few minutes to find what you need

    2. Thanks for your no cost shipping/handling. Many places gouge you so much for these charges.

    3. Quick filling of orders for fast delivery. Delivery of all of my orders has been 3 to 4 days, except week-ends or holidays.

    4. Quality--everything I have received has met or exceeded my expectations.
    Reviewer : Pat
    Date : 6/21/2012
    Just a quick note to say my order arrived today .
    Thank you for the great service .
    I look forward to trying these bearings out.
    Reviewer : Effeon
    Date : 6/25/2012
    The order got to me fast,wow ,two days and I live in SB Ca. I love the bearing performance
    Reviewer : Adam
    Date : 7/9/2012
    "I have a Shimano Calais reel that has ALWAYS preformed exceptionally well. Its a bad-ass reel. I have truly never had a complaint. As far as upgrades... the thought never crossed my mind. Seriously, how could you improve a Calais?
    Well, I saw a video online about Boca Bearings pertaining to a Calais. I didn't really believe the improvement I saw online was "completely" true. So long story short, I ordered the ABEC 7 (#FR-008C-OS LD) ceramic bearings. Three days later when they arrived I put them in immediately (btw, it was easy as hell).

    I've got three words for Boca Bearings... HOLY F****N' S**T!!! The ceramic bearings are un-f****ng-believable. I can't even begin to explain the difference. I can cast farther with much less effort. I can make a short cast without even casting. All I have to do is lightly toss it. As much as my reel cost I feel I was cheated with the factory bearings.

    I have two brand new Lew's Tournament Pro Speed Spool (with the carbon fiber handle), a Team Diaiwa S Pro, and several more top end reels that will be receiving Boca Bearings. I can't say enough about the help and support given by Larry when I called and the Company in general. Again, the only descriptor I have is "HOLY F****N S**T!" You'll be saying it too. Guaranteed!"
    Reviewer : Kyle
    Date : 7/10/2012
    "I ordered 2 ceramic orange seal ABEC 7 bearings (#FR-008C-OS LD) for my Shimano Citica 201E and wow what a world of difference. Casting now is amazing and alot more smooth. Shipping was fast and easy and customer support was great when i called to see if my order went through. Thanks alot for this great product and i plan on buying another set for my Shimano Curado 201E7. Once again thanks now i am off to brag to my fishing buddies about how their reel is lame compared to mine with the Boca Bearings!"
    Reviewer : Al Brooks
    Date : 8/6/2012
    I bought a brand new Curado 300ej and replaced the stock bearings with these. Absolutely awesome increase in performance. I loaded the reel with 15# braid; it'll cast a popping cork spec rig as far as a spinning reel! I'm going to upgrade the several other Shimano reels in my collection. Great stuff!
    Reviewer : Randy Burgess
    Date : 8/8/2012
    Got a pair of Orange Seal Bearings used from a guy online who needed the money. I paid $20 bucks for them. They are the best upgrade to a reel possible. Unbelievable, the Curado casts so far and smooth now, it's like I have a Calais, except better. I now want a set for all of my reels. If you're thinking about a set, don't, "Just Do It". You'll only regret will be wanting to put them on all of your reels. I have about 30 or so reels, that could add up.
    Reviewer : Declan Wheeler
    Date : 8/18/2012
    All i can say is omg!!
    Reviewer : Gary
    Date : 8/24/2012
    Great Bearings! I'm disabled vet 23 yrs in the US Navy. I am fishing in a club, I need to sit in a chair to fish.
    these bearings made an AWSOME differance when casting (HOLY TACO). I plan on replacing all my spool
    bearings to BOCA.
    Reviewer : Joao
    Date : 8/30/2012
    Hi Boca Bearing Company,

    I recieved my web order 20xxxxx.

    you guys are spectacular.

    Thanks so much.
    Reviewer : Bob
    Date : 9/4/2012
    I finally ordered a set of bearings for fishing reel that has served me well for over a dozen years. Lately it's casting performance has fallen off.
    After an easy install of some orange seals it's as if the reel has turned into a super hero. In a word, phenomenal. Can't wait to replace a few other reels.
    Reviewer : Eware
    Date : 9/9/2012
    Like so many others I was reluctant to purchase this product. However after buying one for my Shimano Chronarch 200 E6 . I must say this was one of the Best decisions I have ever made. I always wanted to cast long distances and with the Orange Ceramic Bearings I can cast great distances in wind or on calm day. I was so impressed with this product that I bought the larger pack so I could upgrade all my Fishing reels.
    Reviewer : Robert
    Date : 9/13/2012
    Ordered a set of Ceramic Lightening ABEC #5 fishing reel bearings for my Shimano Chronarch on Wednesday, and received them on Saturday. That was fast! Installed them in my reel, took it out in the backyard for a few test casts, and WOWEE!!! I ain't got enough backyard!! Love em. Can't wait to try them out Monday morning on the lake. Yes, I said Monday, I am retired. I will be ordering a couple more sets next week.
    Reviewer : Ian
    Date : 9/19/2012
    I would like to commend you on your handling of my transaction. I messed up my first order online and had to call in to get it fixed. The tech did a great job. I then got my product as promised and love my new high speed bearings in my reel. I�ll be ordering more. Keep up the great customer support.
    Reviewer : Don
    Date : 10/4/2012
    I thought my Curado 50e couldn't be improved upon until I installed the Boca Ceramic bearings, Wow! They made a great reel even better. Thanks Boca for the quick service and great product.
    Reviewer : Justin
    Date : 10/22/2012
    I heard how good the orange seal bearing were, but until you try if for yourself it is hard to believe. I was amazed in the difference they made in my reels. They are smooth and they never seem to quit spinning. Now that I have tried them I am going to replace the bearing in the rest of my reels. I would recommend these to everyone.
    Reviewer : Dan
    Date : 11/7/2012
    I recently changed my bearings on my Shimano 1000Mg. I replaced the original bearings with Boca Orange Seal Precision Bearings. The bearings I purchased are #FR-008C-OS LD 134291. These bearings will fit all of my Shimano reels including Curado 200E7, Chronarch 200E7 and Chronarch 50Mg. They are rated ABEC7. They come without any lubrication in them. I installed them without adding any lube and got a minimum of 10% additional casting\pitching distance.
    Reviewer : Henry
    Date : 11/26/2012
    I ordered the ceramic abec7 bearings to my fishingreel spool (Shimano Chronarch 201e7).
    The reel had been working great efter the bearingchange and i have improved my casting lenght with several meters.
    I took the reel apart and oiled up everything with your High Speed Oil. That improved my casting lenght even more, and the reel is working very smooth.
    Reviewer : Hadi
    Date : 11/26/2012
    I already found the best bearings for our fishing reel.Best of the best of boca bearings.First time using boca bearings replace my standard bearings for my shimano conquest 101 i am surprise that my distance is more longer than before about 20% longer.Furthermore as a result ceramic bearings last long than standard..i am suggest you all to try it now the Ceramic Orange Seal Fishing Reel bearing kits abec7..
    Reviewer : Stephen
    Date : 11/30/2012
    Thank you so much for efficient, quick delivery of my order. The Bearings arrived as promised, and I am very impressed with how easy and painless the process has been.
    Reviewer : Paul Lubbe
    Date : 12/3/2012
    Just done my Curado with Orange seal. Great, great, great!!!!
    Reviewer : William
    Date : 12/4/2012
    Hello I just wanted to say wow! Your bearings are barnone the best, Ive replaced a lot of bearings in my reels over the years and wish I would have discovered you guys a long time ago. Order was shipped fast too! Thanks you!
    Reviewer : Evgeniy
    Date : 12/7/2012
    I'm from Russia.
    deliver the order within 30 days. Our mail Russia is not very fast.
    Very high quality product!
    Reviewer : Fred
    Date : 12/10/2012
    This afternoon I tried out my Core with the new Orange Seal spool
    bearings. I immediately noticed farther casts, and casting
    in general was easier. The Core is a high end reel, and now it is
    even better------thanks!
    Reviewer : Roy
    Date : 12/12/2012
    I have ridden sportbikes for a long time and one of the things I like about them is when you get on one everything is tight, and engineered tolerances are spot on. It is a pleasure to operate a machine calibrated in such manner. When I put those little orange seal bearings in my baitcaster, the feeling was there once again. You just know quality when you feel it and see it perform like something you know should be. I can�t thank you enough for taking the time to make a something that improves something I enjoy doing so much�bass fishing. You guys understand quality. Keep the good work up. Larry who took my order is class himself. He knows sales and service. Thanks
    Reviewer : Paul
    Date : 12/12/2012
    I received my boca orange seal bearings for my shimano curado 51E today, many thanks. Your service was excellent. I received help via email when selecting the correct bearings and the transaction was completed very easily. They arrived quickly in the UK despite the busy time of year and I found the youtube videos on how to fit them extreemely helpful. A 2 minute job to fit them and was amazed by the improvement over the stock bearings. I will be purchasing more for my shimano curado 201E and 301E! I would not hesitate to recommend your company to my friends - indeed I have already done so! A quality product at a great price!
    Reviewer : Sam
    Date : 12/18/2012
    hey,i recently ordered a boca bearing from your company...i must say your company never disappoint me.great job of deliver to me so fast
    even though is holiday seasons now.once again thanks
    Reviewer : Todd
    Date : 12/28/2012
    I received my bearings quickly and ease of install was great. Instant results once installed and I cannot wait until I return to fl to use the reel. I am going to install them on all of my reels.
    Reviewer : Andre Perreault
    Date : 12/29/2012
    First, sorry for my bad english, i am french from Qu�bec. Last year i ordered orange seal bearing for 2 Curado and it changed my baitcaster fisher life. There are a great bearing and with it my casts become amazinly long and easier. This morning i ordered bearing for my new Core 51 Mg7. I want to cast lights lures under 1/4 oz or 1/8 oz. Boca offer a great service and product. Thanks a lot!
    Reviewer : Frank
    Date : 1/9/2012
    I looked around online to find articles and chats, blogs, etc to read on this subject. I decided to go with Boca Bearings. I also e-mailed your company for some information. I got a reply quickly and my questions were answered clearly. I received my order quickly with correct items. The bearings installed quick, easy and fit correctly. Now my reel is smoother then ever. I made this purchase to see if this upgrade would be something to do to all my reels. I think yes. You have won my loyalty.
    Reviewer : Noble
    Date : 1/15/2013
    Thanks for the great ABEC 7 bearings. The bearings are great for increasing my casting distance for crankbaits.
    Reviewer : ALPHONSO DECENA
    Date : 1/17/2013
    Just installed my ABEC 7 bearings in my Calcutta GTB and wow! Casts like a low profile reel with twice the bearings! I plan on doing the same to all my inshore reels! Thanx Boca!
    Reviewer : Jerry
    Date : 1/17/2013
    I recently ordered some of your fishing reel bearings for a Shimano Curado reel. Not only did the bearings arrive within 2 days, but the reel works as smooth as the day it was first removed from the box. I will be ordering more of your bearings soon.
    Reviewer : Joe
    Date : 1/21/2013
    I put the new orange seal ceramic bearings in my Shimano Citica Baitcaster. Went to a pond and had a cast of at least 200 feet. Old bearings about 160 ft.
    So now im going to order more ceramic bearings for my other Shimano baitcasters. I was going to buy a couple of new shimano reels, but instead the new bearings is like having a new reel.
    Reviewer : Michael
    Date : 1/29/2013
    Thanks for the speedy delivery on the #FR-008C LD kit, I can't wait to try them out!!
    Reviewer : james
    Date : 2/13/2013
    i just wanted to give a little feedback on you alls products. i want to thank you all for top notch and quality bearings and lube for your bearings. i will be ordering from you again soon.
    Reviewer : al standfield
    Date : 2/15/2013
    i just put a set of orange seals in my cu200 curado big difference i hope i can find bearing kits for more of my reels.Also fast shipping to australia.HAPPY CHAPPY.
    Reviewer : Alan
    Date : 2/15/2013
    hi thanks for the quick delivery very happy made a big difference to my reel THANKS AGAIN,i will be buying more soon.
    Reviewer : Dathan
    Date : 2/18/2013
    I received my Boca ABEC 7 Orange seal bearings, and they are AWESOME!!! I had no idea that 2 bearings could make such a difference in castability and distance!! I will definitely be looking at ordering more for my other reels. I finally got a chance to hit the lake for the first time with these new bearings, and was extremely impressed. That extra 20 yards allows covering more water with each cast, and the smooth casting allows for better distance when flipping under docks and other cover......Would you have a problem with me advertising your product on my jersey? I am an avid tournament fisherman in the FLW BFL Series and local tournaments, and many of my fishing friends have never seen your product. In fact, I let one of my fishing partners who went with me to the lake this weekend try out my reel with the ABEC 7 Orange Seals, and he was so impressed he is ordering today!! Thank You so much for such a high quality product.
    Reviewer : Kenneth
    Date : 2/20/2013
    I am impressed with the fast shipping and the easy to use application info on your website.
    Reviewer : Marek
    Date : 2/25/2013
    order processing was very fast,
    web site is very clear and simple. the best idea is very good search engine, for me was very simple to find nessesery bearings only by the name of reel.
    Reviewer : Gabriele
    Date : 2/26/2013
    I've already bought three times from Boca Bearings and I would recommend you to try their bearings if you want your reels to cast longer and performe better even with light weight lure. If you want to cast up to 30% longer, try with abec 7 orange seal, it's the maximum upgrade you could do.
    Reviewer : Derrick
    Date : 4/11/2013
    the abec 5 lightning bearings made my reel better than new.
    Reviewer : Tim
    Date : 4/15/2013
    These bearings are the best. I cannot believe the difference they make. I feel like I have a new reel again, but with horse power.
    Reviewer : John
    Date : 4/24/2013
    I was very happy to get my bearing order # 201xxxx. As soon as I got home from work I installed 5 Set's of orange seal bearing to 5 of my Shimano reels, what a difference it has made. Cant get to my next fishing tournament fast enough to see how the perform.
    Thanks for the Great Product and fast service
    Reviewer : Michael
    Date : 4/25/2013
    I purchased the orange seal bearings for my Shimano Curado 201. I found the how to video on you tube on how to remove and replace my old bearings with the new ones. I tied on a 3/8 casting weight onto a 7 foot crank bait rod with 14lb Mono and let it rip. I could not believe the distance and smoothness. I ripped off half the line of my spool. I will now be able to cast further keeping my cranks in the strike zone alot longer than I could with factory bearings money well spend.
    Reviewer : Matt
    Date : 4/26/2013
    Pleased to report that I am thrilled with my bearings order. I received them quickly, just installed them in my Shimano fishing reel and couldn't be more pleased with the improvement of the mechanics of the reel.
    Reviewer : Effe
    Date : 5/14/2013
    This is my third set , they make my old reels seem new in the feeling and casting distance . Thank you, I�m looking foreword to my next set
    Reviewer : Edward Barfield
    Date : 4/14/2014
    Thank you for a quality product. I am very happy with my purchase. I can not say my maximum casting distance was changed with the Boca spool bearings. I can say very confidently, the roll,pitch,and normal casts go much farther than before. On the maximum distance cast, you can tell clearly when the spool brakes engage and release and the spool tension takes over. Accuracy is much improved as well because you use much less power to make the cast. I will be ordering more.
    Reviewer : Andrew
    Date : 6/10/2013
    I received the Boca bearing today and replaced the bearing in my Shimano Calais. Today I've tested and I really like the performance of my reel. I'll let my friend know so that they can replace their reels with Boca bearing.
    Reviewer : Maryann
    Date : 7/1/2013
    I love your product that I used for my fishing reel the performance is amazing and unbelievable keep up the great reputation their amazing and I can't wait to get more
    Reviewer : Jason
    Date : 7/1/2013
    The YouTube installation tutorial was simple and easy to follow.
    I installed bearings on 3 different reels within 15 minutes total.
    My freespool and distance casting increased by approximately 20 percent...Maybe more in some cases.
    I can cast smaller baits MUCH farther than before.
    The bearings were loud at first, but quieted down over time.
    My reel is not noticeably lighter, although I know these bearings are lighter.
    Reviewer : S. Taft
    Date : 7/25/2013
    Awesome bearings! A whole lot smoother casting and they broke in fairly quick. Longer casting and would suggest this product to any one looking for an upgrade. Thanks for putting a superior product on the market!
    Reviewer : K. Beaman
    Date : 7/25/2013
    The bearings perform better than expected and I was speechless when I first got them installed. I am writting this review because I am now a lifetime customer. Thanks for the great customer service, and the game changing product that you sell.
    Reviewer : L.M. Tuck
    Date : 7/26/2013
    I had the pleasure of working with Boca Bearings since few year ago when i have a first time change my fishing reel to Boca Bearing, I have seen an increase of performance on my fishing reel, i can feel that the smooth of casting, distance improvement on my fishing reel. From start to finish, Boca Bearings provide me a good customer service in term of shipment, I enjoyed how Boca Bearings would follow up shipment process as to make sure it was delivering to my needs, other than that I also surprise that Boca Bearing have send me a instruction on how to replace the fishing reel in few simple step. Not only would I recommend Boca Bearings bearing as my choice i also recommend Boca Bearing light lube as my fishing reel Maintenance lube.
    Reviewer : Steve Coon
    Date : 7/31/2013
    Awesome bearings, AWESOME COMPANY! Your website is so well designed, easy to use and direct. I have purchased two lots of bearings so far, and will upgrade all my fishing reels with ceramics. I used E-Bay, but now I know I can shop directly! You shipped to Melbourne, Australia in lightning speed. Overall it is AWESOME to deal with a company that knows it's product, knows it's business and delivers on time. A hell of a lot of Australian companies need to lift their game. We suffer fools too lightly down here! WELL DONE!
    Reviewer : K. DelaVega
    Date : 7/31/2013
    I recently purchased 2 sets of ceramic bearings, FR-008C-OS LD, for my Shimano Curado fishing reels. The video link on your website was helpful in showing me how to change out the spool bearings and your customer service answered all my questions. I was so pleased in the gained casting distance with the ceramic bearings that I just ordered 8 more sets to change out my remaining reels.
    Reviewer : Troy
    Date : 8/7/2013
    Great bearings, super-easy installation, better casting distance over stock bearings in Curado 200E7!! Very pleased with Boca ABEC 7 bearings and am going to upgrade my other Shimano reels with these!!
    Reviewer : Jonathan
    Date : 9/6/2013
    I have received my order, and I'm very happy with my purchase.
    Thank you very much for the decals and mouse pad.
    You service is 2nd to none!
    Reviewer : Daniel
    Date : 9/6/2013
    Installed a set of ABEC-7s in a 2007 Curado and a 1995 Chronarch. The curado feels extremely smooth and free spools forever. The Chronarch was a big improvement as well, easily noticeable the first time I took it out.

    Well worth it... some of the best money you can spend on your fishing gear.
    Reviewer : Joe
    Date : 9/6/2013
    They work very well. Growl a bit when new but quiet with a little use and oil.
    Reviewer : Chan
    Date : 9/16/2013
    Just want to give feeback on your excellant product.
    1) The shipping was very fast.
    2) The quality of your packaging and labelling is very good.
    3) I've been using the bearings on my casting reels for some months now. I can say that the performance is very good, especially the orange seal bearings.
    Casting is easier now. Better at distance.

    Thanks for making my fishing more fun,

    Reviewer : Stan
    Date : 10/14/2013
    Thank you for the prompt delivery of my Shimano bearings #FR-008C-OS-LD. I have installed them in my Citica reel and am set to go fishing.

    Best regards,
    Reviewer : Troy Zwicker
    Date : 10/23/2013
    The bearings arrived today and I spent most of the afternoon installing 3 of the 4 sets in my reels, followed by some casting! I now have Boca OS's in 5 baitcasters (4 shimanos, 1 Abu), and the casting distance and ease has improved in every one of them! Any future reel purchases will have Boca OS installed in them immediately!!
    Reviewer : Jay
    Date : 10/28/2013
    I received my set of Boca Bearings for my Curado reel today. I installed and could detect an immediate difference. Long casts with a smooth retrieve. I will be ordering more.

    Reviewer : Jonathon
    Date : 11/7/2013
    I recently ordered some bearings for my shimano curado fishing reel. The orange seal bearings are badass. I noticed a big difference from the factory bearings. my reel now casts further and it feels smoother. I added a drop of Royal Purple gun lube to dry bearings. Hell yeah love it. I will be placing future orders for my other shimano reels. Shipping was also fast. Thank You , your product is awesome im gonna tell my fishing buddies to upgrade their bearings to boca bearings.
    Reviewer : Ricardo
    Date : 11/8/2013
    my order arrived today,
    nice package,
    all is ok !!!

    thank you.
    Reviewer : Tom
    Date : 11/11/2013
    I would just like to take a moment to thank you for prompt service and shipping.

    I ordered bearings for my Shimano Chronarch on Sunday and had them in my hand on Thursday.

    Oh, and by the way, free shipping. Though to beat that. Will be updating my fleet of reels with boca bearings over the winter.
    Reviewer : Fabio
    Date : 11/12/2013
    I received the bearings, Thank you. I am very satisfied.
    Reviewer : Andreas
    Date : 11/19/2013
    Great buy, great bearings!
    Reviewer : Boomer
    Date : 12/18/2013
    Im completely amazed at the service that i have received from boca bearings. I recently ordered a kit for my shimano curado, i couldnt figure out one of the bearings in the kit so i contacted boca. In the mean time i figured out where the bearing fit in my reel. I had thought the bearing was was the wrong size but it wasnt. I emailed the size i needed and guess what boca sent me the bearing free of charge. And told me to keep the one i thought was wrong. Meantime i order another kit of orange sealed #7 bearings for my chronarch shimano and as i thought the service was just as expected AWESOME!!! Thanks for all that you guys do at boca. If you dont believe me i challenge you just try boca bearings you wont be displeased.
    Reviewer : Steve
    Date : 12/18/2013
    Ordered parts arrived quickly. Have installed them and there is a very noticeable difference in freespool time. Will have to wait for ice out her in Minnesota before I can put the reels to use.
    Reviewer : Dave
    Date : 1/4/2014
    I just received my order and all I can say is outstanding. Ordering couldn't have been more simple. The shipping was fast, amazingly fast. I placed my order on Sunday December 28th and had them in my hand on Saturday January 4th. Getting them that fast with a holiday involved is crazy good. As for the bearings themselves ... I upgraded the spool bearings in an old Shimano Castaic reel. What a difference !! I have 3 more of the old Castaics that I plan on upgrading, as well as 4 Curado B's that will be getting the same upgrade. I can't wait for this cold to get out of here so I can get out on the water. These Boca bearings are no joke.
    Reviewer : Frank
    Date : 1/13/2014
    I have been using Boca Bearings in my fishing reels for one season now and am very satisfied. I am glad i did it, my Curados are super smooth. Better than ever.

    Now I want to try to upgrade a few other reels I have!

    Thank you Boca
    Reviewer : Denis
    Date : 1/20/2014
    Fast shipping.
    High quality bearings. Excellent result after replacing standard bearings in Shimano Scorpion XT. Many thanks for your work.
    Reviewer : Howard
    Date : 1/22/2014
    I received my orange seal bearings for my curado super free 200 and totally impressed ,super product!! You don't even have to be an experienced fisherman to notice the difference.


    Reviewer : Glenn
    Date : 1/24/2014
    I ordered a set of OrangeSeal High Performance Ceramic Bearings and with the bearing installation guide I received with the order I was able to install them myself with ease. These bearings makes a great difference in long castings. The shipping time was very quick and the service I received was great. Thanks Boca Bearing, Glenn
    Reviewer : James
    Date : 1/29/2014
    Just wanted to say it was a pleasure order and doing business with Boca
    order was shipped fast and was perfect
    Reviewer : Sam
    Date : 2/26/2014
    I installed the bearings in my Citica 200G7 by Shimano and absolutely loved the improvement! It�s impossible not to feel the improvement in casting extremely light lures a mile after the bearing swap!

    Thank you so much for a great product, keep it up!

    Reviewer : Daniel
    Date : 2/26/2014
    I bought a 2 bearing kit for my Shimano curado 300EJ, and these bearings are amazing. I think I'm casting at least 20-30 yards farther. Also, it feels good knowing that the rolling elements will not corrode.
    Reviewer : Chris
    Date : 3/3/2014
    These bearings are fantastic!!! Even better than I imagined they would be. Prompt shipping on my order. Very pleased all around!!

    Reviewer : Dave
    Date : 3/6/2014
    Order was filled and shipped fast very good product I will be ordering some more bearings
    Reviewer : Adam
    Date : 3/7/2014
    Great product as always! Good shipping speed.
    Reviewer : Edward
    Date : 4/15/2014
    Thank you for a quality product. I am very happy with my purchase. I can not say my maximum casting distance was changed with the Boca spool bearings. I can say very confidently, the roll,pitch,and normal casts go much farther than before. On the maximum distance cast, you can tell clearly when the spool brakes engage and release and the spool tension takes over. Accuracy is much improved as well because you use much less power to make the cast. I will be ordering more.
    Reviewer : Emmanuel
    Date : 4/21/2014
    I am a new user of your product. First of all I am pleased with the shipping and easy to install product (lots of help videos) speed.
    I will continue to install your product on my other reels.
    Reviewer : Bill
    Date : 6/4/2014
    Just got finished test casting my brand new Shimano Chronarch 50E!!! I have been supertuning all my new reels. The performance is EXCEPTIONAL!! I experimented with the BOCA ORANGE SEAL bearings with all the shields removed for faster performance. I cant tell you how far this newest reel can cast on a single swing because I CASTED ALL THE LINE OFF OF IT!!! The shimano chronarch 50e holds approx. 105yds of 10pound test mono and I had to slow the reel down so I wouldnt lose my casting plug :-). I replaced all the stock bearings in the reel with orange seals as an experiment to see if it made that much of an improvement and so far so good. Think I will order more orange seals for my other reels. Thank you BOCA BEARINGS!!!!
    Reviewer : Howard
    Date : 9/9/2014
    The bearings sped up my curado reel and shipping was fast thanks
    Reviewer : R. C. Grizzle
    Date : 11/18/2014
    I received an e-mail address with my packing slip to leave feedback at dagmara@bocabearings.com but was unable to get through to that address. I was well pleased with the bearings I got; they really made the reel smooth and it casts a lot farther. Thanks; R. C.
    Reviewer : Michael Capistrano
    Date : 8/24/2018
    Just WOW!  
    The Shimano Metanium reels out of the box a excellent, but when I upgraded the spool bearings to the Boca's... I was speechless. It makes casting unweighted plastics very easy and get more distance. I just purchased Boca spool bearing for all of my reels.
    Reviewer : Paul Day
    Date : 3/5/2019
    Awesome..... Again  
    This is my 3rd or 4th set of bearings for fishing reels I've ordered from these fine folks.
    Awesome product, good service and new life into my old reels. Some of my reels have 12+ yrs on em and cant tell it. Pitching is as smooth as butter, and I'd say 15 to 20% improvement on distance.
    ty again for a very good product.
    Reviewer : Paul Day
    Date : 7/2/2019
    I'm back again....  
    The service is awesome, knowledgeable and friendly. I just bought a brand new MGL Chronarch 150XG, she reels and casts like melted butter now, but like my Curados and Calcuttas, I'm puttin them bad ass orange bearings in her. Great product can't say enough good things about em, buy I'm you won't be disappointed.

    note... ceramic bearings are noisy but boy they are smooth and distance gained, good bang for your buck. use a micro amount of quality thin oil, it'll quiet them a bit.
    Reviewer : Ernesto Coronado
    Date : 6/5/2020
    CURADO CU200 BSF Information on the right set of ceramic bearings  

    First off, I have to say that I’m very impressed with the reviews and comments on your products, so I thought it would be a good idea to give my Curado CU200 BSF a second chance (bought it back in 2005) the present condition of the original bearings leave a lot to be desired (stands to reason).

    All this being said, I was wondering if you could please give some orientation here since I’ve also noticed that you have 3 different models (the ones intended to upgrade the performance of the reel).

    Ah, one more thing, are you currently shipping to Mexico?

    Thx in advance, regards.

    Ernesto Coronado

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