#FR-029C-OS LD

#FR-029C-OS LD
#FR-029C-OS LD
39 Reviews


Stainless Steel, Ceramic Hybrid, Orange Sealed bearings are specially designed for any application seeking a high precision, free spinning bearing. These are the true secret weapon for serious rc racers and long distance casters. ABEC 7 tolerances makes the Orange Seal line the closest precision tolerance that Boca Bearings has to offer. The removable, non-contact rubber seals results in a bearing with less drag and that requires less maintenance than a typical shielded bearing. The Grade 5 ceramic Si3N4 balls will allow the bearing to be lighter and spin 50% faster than a traditional steel bearing. LD = Lube Dry Bearings have been clean and are free of all grease and Oils. Kit (2) SMR103C-2OS #7 LD, SMR115C-2OS #7 LD
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39 Reviews
    Reviewer : Christopher Beal
    Date : 4/15/2011
    I put these bearings in my Abu Garcia Revo S and they are amazing!! These bearings brought my reel to life!! It was smooth before but these bearings made a huge difference!! I can now cast farther than ever before!! If you want your reel to be smoother and cast farther get a set of Boca Bearings you wont regret it!!!!
    Reviewer : Hmongbass
    Date : 4/9/2012
    Shimano Curado 201E7 casts A LOT further now.. after maintenance to the entire reel it feels better than brand new.. Worth the buy. Note: Much easier to use with lures weighing 1/2 oz plus IMO.
    Reviewer : Tong
    Date : 5/2/2012
    Hi there! I just received my Orange Abec #7 and I think it's just flawless. This isn't the first time I've used Boca Bearings on my fishing reels. You guys in Florida are doing a great job in my opinion. Never had a product from Boca Bearings that I was not satisfied about it. Keep up the good work! Hope this feedback helps!
    Reviewer : Nicolas
    Date : 6/25/2012
    Yet again another awesome set of bearings. I can't believe the difference they make. Thanks for a great product.
    Reviewer : Henry Giles
    Date : 9/18/2012
    I ordered the orange seal bearing for my MGX and it made a ton of difference. The reel had a slight knock while retrieving heavy lures and after i installed the spool bearings the knock is gone and the reel will cast a mile with no effort at all. I have told all of my buddies about your product and i will be a customer for life. Thanks for the great service and quality product.
    Reviewer : Kenny
    Date : 9/20/2012
    Price for product can't be beat. Very easy to find the bearings that I needed for my Abu Garcia Revo SX reels. Placed the order very quickly and received my products in just 3 days. Excellent experience and I'll be back for more...
    Reviewer : Sebastien Bouchard
    Date : 9/22/2012
    After reading so much positive feedbacks online about the boca orange seals I decided to upgrade my smoke spool bearings. I now understand all the hype, feels like I just got a brand new reel. I can cast much further with much less effort, almost feels like I'm cheating. Now my new Revo MGX is begging me for some of those orange seals!
    Reviewer : Victor
    Date : 10/11/2012
    I am from Brazil and heard about Boca Bearings on the Capt. Antonio "Tuba" Amaral fishing forum(www.pescaki.com).
    He recommend the Orange Sealed Bearings because in his tests that bearings have amazing performance.
    I discovered the boca Bearing web site very quick and with a feel clicks i submit my personal registration.
    With more feel clicks i discovered the correct set off bearings for my Quantum Smoke SL101HPT and ordered that. I payed for the item with Paypall because i think is the easy way to Brazilian customers do that payment.
    Before more or less two weeks the bearings came to my house! This is amazing.
    I am very Happy with my new Bearings and with the Boca Bearing web site and recommend that for all my Brazilian friends who want upgrade reels.
    Thank you very much Boca Bearing for a very god shop experience.
    Reviewer : Charles
    Date : 10/18/2012
    i wanted to let you guys know that i have your orange seal bearings in my Abu Garcia MGX and i fished a tournament on Sunday and wow i knew they made a difference but i couldn't believe after 8 hours power fishing i felt like a million bucks... I have 4 other MGX reels and i will be upgrading them to the orange seals very soon.
    Reviewer : Wade
    Date : 10/23/2012
    Very pleased with shipping times and quality of your products will be recommending to others.
    Reviewer : Mario
    Date : 10/30/2012
    Excellent transaction!!! Fast shippment!!
    Reviewer : Robert
    Date : 12/7/2012
    My name is Robert and I recently purchased 5 sets of bearings for my fishing reels. I never knew how much these bearings would changed fishing reels in the way they perform. This was an outstanding purchase and I will be ordering more soon! Thanks!
    Reviewer : Carlos
    Date : 12/7/2012
    I ordered 3 sets of the hybrid bearings for my shimanos and a set of orange seals for an abu garcia and the performance of the reels after the upgrade was awesome, y'all make a great product.
    Reviewer : Scott
    Date : 1/28/2013
    I replaced the factory spool bearings in my Abu Garcia Revo MGX baitcasters with Boca orange seal bearings to see if all the stuff that I had read was true. Wow, I was amazed at how much I love these bearings. After installing, I used a very small amount of the Boca LBT Lightning Lube on each bearing. I am extremely satisfied with the results. My MGX�s are smoother and longer casting than ever. One thing that I really don�t understand, I am getting almost no backlashes now. I even threw into some pretty stiff winds this week and never really had an issue with backlashing. I expected to gain distance on my casts, which I did, but I never expected changing bearings to decrease backlashing. I have also noticed that I am using much less braking and spool tension, which also helped add distance to my casts. Going to replace the bearings in all my other baitcasters next week. One last thing, the shipping was way faster than I expected. I am 2 states away from Florida and got my shipment in 2 days.
    Reviewer : Luke
    Date : 2/8/2013
    I replaced the stock bearings in my Abu Garcia MGX with the Boca bearings abec 7 orange seals. I could not be happier.
    I can tell the difference in my casting distance and now I�m able to to cast lighter lures that would cause backlashes on the factory
    bearings. For the price of the bearings it is worth it to upgrade all your reels to Boca Bearing orange seals, I know I'm going to.
    I ordered my bearings on Monday and they were at my house on Wednesday plus shipping was free. So go buy them you will
    not be disappointed.
    Reviewer : mua lo
    Date : 3/10/2013
    Havent gotten a chance to cast it yet since it is still winter here but there is a big difference when I am practicing pitching.
    Reviewer : Teng
    Date : 3/13/2013
    If you don't have these bearings in your reel then buy them NOW! You will not be disappointed by the quality and performance. Do yourself a favor and boca your reel today!
    Reviewer : Kou
    Date : 3/25/2013
    I guarantee you that for $30, this is the greatest upgrade you can do for your reel. I've increased the casting distance of my MGX by a minimum of 10yards and it runs incredibly smoother than it was before. If you're looking for upgrades this is the way to go.
    Reviewer : Bodnar
    Date : 3/28/2013
    I have received my bearings with the order number 2xxxxx

    I�m very satisfied with your bearings. Thank you for the fast shipment! Five stars! J
    Reviewer : Dana
    Date : 4/9/2013
    Just received my order and it came very swift! Very nice upgrade. Thank you so much... Looking forward to doing more business
    Reviewer : Tony
    Date : 6/3/2013
    The web site was very useful to find the correct bearings and easy to navigate. The order arrived quickly and the bearing kits were correct and easy to install. The bearings initially work very well in my fishing reels and it will take some fishing time to see how this bearing improvement performs under various fishing conditions. Overall a very good experience. I am very pleased.
    Reviewer : Edward
    Date : 6/18/2013
    Just wanted to give some feedback regarding the bearings that I ordered for my Abu Garcia Revo MGX baitcasting reel.

    It was an easy install. Only took a few minutes. Very impressed with the performance of these bearings so far. Super smooth and very low friction. Can�t wait to get a chance to try them out on the water.
    Reviewer : Gary
    Date : 7/1/2013
    First the order arrived safe and sound.... Well packaged and free shipping. Can't wait to fish with my orange seals installed. Will be ordering more Abec7 Orange Seals for my other reels!! You have a very nice quality product and Thanks!!
    Reviewer : Gary
    Date : 7/5/2013
    1st of all I received in 3 days by 1st Class free shipping. Great deal. I installed in 1st Revo S reel in about 5 minutes. Tied on a weighted cork & began casting. More quite, smoother & cast at least 15' further with no effort. Can't wait to get on the water. Thanks Boca
    Reviewer : Mark
    Date : 7/8/2013
    I just updated my fishing reel bearings with Boca bearings! What a big difference I feel with the new bearings. I can cast further and feels extremely smooth, well worth the upgrade!
    Reviewer : S. Vankirk
    Date : 7/25/2013
    Order was accurate and timely per Boca�s usual business practices. I will not use anyone else for my bearing needs.
    Reviewer : L.M. Tuck
    Date : 7/26/2013
    I had the pleasure of working with Boca Bearings since few year ago when i have a first time change my fishing reel to Boca Bearing, I have seen an increase of performance on my fishing reel, i can feel that the smooth of casting, distance improvement on my fishing reel. From start to finish, Boca Bearings provide me a good customer service in term of shipment, I enjoyed how Boca Bearings would follow up shipment process as to make sure it was delivering to my needs, other than that I also surprise that Boca Bearing have send me a instruction on how to replace the fishing reel in few simple step. Not only would I recommend Boca Bearings bearing as my choice i also recommend Boca Bearing light lube as my fishing reel Maintenance lube.
    Reviewer : Chris
    Date : 1/8/2014
    Just installed my boca bearings orange seal in my Revo S and love them. I can cast further and smoother. Plan on ordering bearings for the rest of my reels.
    Reviewer : Michael
    Date : 3/12/2014
    Installed these bearings in two Revo SX reels and so amazed at the difference they made. Will be ordering more.

    Reviewer : N. Sherman
    Date : 4/18/2014
    I replaced the bearings with the orange seal bearings and I was astounded at the difference.The reel casts farther than my cronarch and feels smoother. This is now my "go to" reel. Thanks Boca.
    Reviewer : Charles
    Date : 5/13/2014
    Thank you very much for a quick delivery. Boca Bearing is the best, I replaced the bearing on my RCX 10HB and it is like a brand new reel. I will be telling all my fishing buddies how great Boca Bearings are.
    Again Thank you
    Reviewer : Chris
    Date : 5/28/2014
    Thank you again for a great product, now my other Rick Clunn Baitcaster cast just like new. Thank again
    Reviewer : robin edge
    Date : 7/3/2014
    put the orange seals in my daiwa and i love them.great product.
    Reviewer : lorenzo zanaglio
    Date : 7/8/2014
    Incredible long distance and control on ligth lure.....fantastic !!!!!
    Reviewer : Vasilii Stebelkov
    Date : 1/7/2017
    reels ABU MGX and STX  
    I bought a set of bearings SMR103C-2OS # 7 LD, SMR115C-2OS # 7 LD for my reels ABU MGX and STX. Excellent quality. Casting distance with new bearings has increased by 25-30%
    Reviewer : Joe Lee
    Date : 1/28/2017
    Quantum Reels  
    Orange sealed Bearings are the real deal! Do not hesitate to buy them. I replaced the bearings in my EXO's, Smoke's, & Energy's. Before replacing them I needed a 15-20 mph wind at my back to empty the spool on a cast. Now I can do it with no wind. All my reels are 100 size with 17 mono. Casting a 3/4 oz red eye shad with a 8 ft cranking rod. An extra strong knot is a must or you can lose your lure and line!
    Reviewer : ou saephanh
    Date : 4/10/2018
    Revo Inshore  
    Holy mother of fish gods.....this thing truly makes my reel come alive. So much smoother and casting distance effortlessly. You will not regret your purchase. It really works!!!!
    Reviewer : Yakoob Jnr;
    Date : 5/5/2018
    Super quality bearings makes the difference  
    I changed out the factory bearings on my 13 Fishing Concept A with Boca bearings and the reel seemed to have come alive with very noticeable increase in casting distance. I'm definitely going to order more from Boca bearing so I can change out the rest of my Concept reels. Also, customer service is excellent. Thanks Boca bearing for making my fishing more enjoyable 👍
    Reviewer : Maichael Ho
    Date : 10/23/2019
    I have used these bearings and Spool Speed bearings. Don't waste your time with Spool Speed. Boca is hands down far more superior! Casting is much smoother and requires less effort than with the Spool Speed bearings.

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