#FR-093C-OS LD

#FR-093C-OS LD
#FR-093C-OS LD
24 Reviews


Ceramic Orange Seal Fishing Reel bearing kits are an upgrade replacement to stock fishing reel bearings. These ABEC #7 bearings have ceramic balls with stainless steel races and retainers. Orange Seal bearings have a non-contact rubber seal which allows the bearing to spin freely with out any excess drag. Ceramic will never corrode; it has less rolling resistance and is lighter and than steel. As a result ceramic bearings last longer and cast longer. All Ceramic Orange Seal fishing reel bearings are supplied with light weight oil. Lube can be removed upon request. Kit (3) SMR115C-2OS #7 LD (1) SMR103C-2OS/P58 #7 LD (2)
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24 Reviews
    Reviewer : James Moore
    Date : 12/15/2010
    I recently went through and freshened up some of my older reels and put the Orange Seal bearings in them. My casting distance has improved greatly. My Curado cu200b5 that I use for deep cranking is unbelievable, you would never think the thing is ten years old with how well it is performing.
    Reviewer : Andy
    Date : 9/4/2012
    Ordered at the weekend and recived bearings mid week the following week - very prompt shipping - excellent.

    Discount code used for $5 was much appreciated and the free shipping is a great incentive to purchase.

    Installed the bearings and tested, noticed a big difference from the stock bearings that were now around 4 years old - looks like a nice product. Have still to test with a full day on the water, but looking forward to using a less agressive cast to obtain the same or better distance.

    I have a couple of other reels that I may look to upgrading with some ceramics in the near future.
    Reviewer : Dennis
    Date : 9/7/2012

    Reviewer : Jon
    Date : 2/21/2013
    ust got my package � thanks for the quick efficient service.

    Thank you for the extras as well.

    Can�t wait to get home, get them in my reel and give them a try.

    Till next time � take care and thank you so much.
    Reviewer : Juffue
    Date : 3/4/2013
    You guys are great i just receive my Abu Garcia Revo STX baitcaster bearings and they are the greatest! and fast shipping!!! Will order more bearing for my other reels in the near further. Thanks for such a awesome product!
    Reviewer : Anthony
    Date : 3/29/2013
    I just wanted to say that it was a pleasure placing my order through Boca Bearings company. It was especially great dealing with Larry Aubain as he is a product specialist and was extremely helpful in deciding what I would need for my application. I am very happy with my order and looking forward to future purchases. Every fishing reel should come standard with Orange Seal Boca Bearings in my opinion..... It only makes sense to get the best performance from my products.
    Reviewer : Yieng
    Date : 4/9/2013
    one word: great jobs.

    It took multiple cast but after that he keeps going further and futher. love it.
    Reviewer : Duncan
    Date : 4/25/2013
    WOW! My order shipped fast! Everything arrived well packaged and in great shape. Can't wait to install the new bearings in my reel and hit the lake.
    Reviewer : Larry
    Date : 5/10/2013
    The entire handling of my order #30xxxxx was done quickly and professionally. This is not the first time to use your fishing rod abec#7 bearings but it was the first direct order. Do to the quick response and great price of the product and shipping I will be ordering direct more often!
    Reviewer : Ross
    Date : 7/8/2013
    This is great service. I confirmed my order 9 days ago(full days) and received them today. That's "5" working days from the USA to Australia!! Fully one quarter the time it takes to receive an order from the original manufacturer. You guys are GREAT!! I have not installed them yet but from the reviews I have read so far, I don't think I'll be disappointed. I'll keep you posted. THANKS GUYS.
    Reviewer : Ross
    Date : 7/22/2013
    Hi guys. This is the update I promised. I have fitted the Orange Seal bearings to my STX-HS and as I had predicted, I was not disappointed. Long casts and very smooth retrieve. If anything I had to dial up the spool tension to avoid over-running. But alittle practice and I'm sure I'll be outdoing my previous distances. Thanks again guys. They are worth every penny.
    Reviewer : william
    Date : 9/25/2013
    love the orange seal bearings for my ambassadeur reels great casting smoother. highly recommend these good prices fast service
    Reviewer : william
    Date : 9/25/2013
    love the orange seal bearings for my ambassadeur reels great casting smoother. highly recommend these good prices fast service
    Reviewer : Bennett
    Date : 10/28/2013
    I just got my order. I could not be more pleased. The fishing spool pliers worked flawlessly and the new bearings in my reel makes it cast like it is new again. A special thanks to Larry Aubain who helped me size the bearings for my particular reel in which was not in your database.
    Reviewer : James Kendrick
    Date : 11/13/2013
    boca bearings had the bearings i needed for my black max 2. man they got me my order quick and accurate. thank you boca bearings i can cast for days now!!!!!!
    Reviewer : Ed
    Date : 3/17/2014
    Pleasure doing business with boca bearing co. Made a mistake ordering and it was promply corrected for me..My husband loves the bearings so much I need to place another order and I need to order 2 sets for his fishing buddy too.
    Reviewer : Jose
    Date : 4/21/2014
    Just wanted to say how great the bearings I purchased are, they made my reel cast better and I was able to cast further than with the original bearings.
    I will definitely will be upgrading the rest of my reels.
    Reviewer : Joe Bellomo
    Date : 12/6/2016
    Great to do business with you great service and fast shipment.
    I replaced the bearings in 2 reels, an old a Chronarch & Curado the as reels have been used for a lot of years
    at this point I would say that they are as good or better than new. I will be replacing more reel bearings soon.

    PS. They are a little loud but compared to what I took out they are silent. I can pitch almost as far as I could cast before the upgrade!
    Reviewer : L. Pierce
    Date : 3/25/2017
    amazing bearings  
    I purchased these bearings for my mid 90s Lews Childre BB1NG Speed Spool. They arrived in 3 days....installed in minutes....my old reel casts better than new.....I was reluctant to purchase these....but, now I'm super excited.....AMAZING..
    Reviewer : L. Pierce
    Date : 3/25/2017
    Curado 200B5 bearings  
    I purchased this bearing kit for a 13 year old Curado 200B5 reel. I received this reel after my Dad died. After installing these bearings....it casts like a dream. They arrived in 3 days and installed in a few minutes. I can't wait until I purchase bearings for my Revos....AWESOME bearings...
    Reviewer : L.Pierce
    Date : 4/11/2017
    Revo S  
    As stated in my previous review....I purchased this kit for my Revo S reels....the difference is night and day.....I can cast about 25 yards farther than I could with the stock bearings....and I can pitch a jig about 30 yards...INCREDIBLE.....
    Reviewer : Ethan Anderson
    Date : 1/23/2018
    Loud but fantastic performance  
    I was unsure as to whether or not these bearings performance wise would be up to par but they perform flawlessly. I easily gained 10 to 20 feet on my frogging setup casts. I don't recall who i spoke to over the phone but they aided me in finding the right size for the Revo ALX and was very kind. You don't have to worry about the performance of the bearings because they are great however the downside with ceramic bearings is the loud unwanted noise that is associated with them. It was bad enough to have other anglers come up to me and ask me if it was broken. Just drop a very small amount of oil on the bearings and it will quiet them down a little bit. Overall though, these were a great buy and really help to not only increase the casting distance but also the casting quality.
    Reviewer : Douglas Thieme
    Date : 1/11/2021
    Calcutta CT 210b Boca bearings work great!  
    Replaced my beatings in CT-201b with the orange ceramic kit and I am really pleased. Using the reel for float fishing Great Lakes tributaries for steelhead. The bearings have improved casting distances a lot and freespooling line on the float is drag free. I picked up my bearing up while down in FL and I have to say the service I received was great from Boca bearing and the video on how to make the change was very helpful. Definitely worth the money to make the change.
    Reviewer : Ryan Bockting
    Date : 6/2/2021
    Well Worth It  
    I purchased the orange seal ceramics for my Lew’s Tournament MB baitcaster, and my casts average about 5 yards further. While this sounds like a very small increase, think of it this way…that’s five yards further away that you place between you and the fish and still be in casting range.

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