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Boca Bearings High Speed, High Heat Instrument Oil is an ideal lubricant for almost any application: Bearings, RC parts, bike chains, fishing reels, etc. It comes in 15cc bottle with a precision needle applicator tip. Our High Speed Oil is very thin and lightweight for minimal friction and reduced drag. This is an all-purpose bearing lubrication that prolongs life of bearings or any moving parts. Operating temperature -50°F to +400°F
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25 Reviews
    Reviewer : Mike
    Date : 1/30/2012
    In Free Flight competition models we use a special clockwork timer that shuts the engines off amongst other important functions. These timers are very finicky in regards to oils used to lubricate them.
    At a recent meet I was able to demonstrate the qualities of Boca Bearings High Speed Oil. The timers oiled with the so-called "special oil" ran 20 seconds per revolution and slowed down within 4 minutes of run time.
    Cleaned and re-lubed with your oil the timers ran a consistent 15 seconds per revolution and run time extended to a full 7 minutes which is a healthy safety margin for our use."
    Reviewer : Ron Ginn
    Date : 8/14/2012
    This oil is fantastic, I thought i would give it a try on an RC engine i had that was sitting for a long time so the caster oil was like sap, I put a few drops in the carb and a few drops in the cyl. and let sit for awhile and it was so good it loosing up the caster oil up enough i was able to turn the engine over enough to do a final cleaning. I also use it as a lube for the top end of my 4 stroke engines. fantastic lube with a handy syringe dispenser. great stuff Boca Bearings.
    Reviewer : Tony
    Date : 1/8/2013
    As you guys know, I fly O.S. Engines almost exclusively in my helis and planes. You also know I don't get to fly as often as I'd like. Since my engines sit for long periods, the humidity here in Florida is particularly brutal on engine bearings and other metal parts, especially if you don't use after-run oil. Well, I discovered a solution you should consider if you have the same issues. Boca Bearing here in Florida has a great product they call "Lightning Lube - High Speed Oil".

    A couple of years ago I replaced bearings in several engines and two helicopters around the time our field was particularly dusty. I used Boca Bearings in all of them. Some were the high speed bearings, and one set was their ceramic bearings. I used the lube while installing them. Since I started using it regularly I haven't had to replace any bearings at all, probably because the bearings are of such high quality, as is the Lightning Lube. I use it in everything; engines, fishing reels, tail cases, start shafts, pushrods, etc. It's easy to use, comes in a classy applicator, and is very affordable insurance for all your stuff. The Lightning Lube family of products also includes some grease for heavier applications. Next time we are at the field I'd be happy to show you the products. Their bearings and lubes are top shelf. Also, Boca has several "how-to's" on their web page. If you've never changed bearings before it's excellent information
    Reviewer : Eric
    Date : 1/21/2013
    Just wanted to thank you for your quick service on my recent order. The bearings and lubricant arrived more quickly that I expected, and everything looks great. Really appreciate the help.
    Reviewer : Jonathan
    Date : 2/4/2013
    I got the order today! Fast shipment! Can't wait to make my next order!
    Reviewer : james
    Date : 2/4/2013
    My order came in fast and I'm impressed with the lightning lube. Works great not just with fishing reels but I used a little on my hair buzzer and its real smooth as well.
    Reviewer : David
    Date : 3/21/2013
    I used my order for two helicopters and I am very happy with the quality of the bearings over the stock bearings. I also love the oil syringe -- cool design.
    Reviewer : Alexdr
    Date : 4/24/2013
    Thanks for a great product and fast delivery.
    Reviewer : bradford bowman
    Date : 4/12/2014
    boca bearings is the best bearing company but I have a tip for anyone buying helicopter bearing buy the #5 NB2 bearings and not the AF2 type the are much smoother and more precise and they cost about 2 or maybe 3 dollars more but trust me its worth it!!!
    Reviewer : Todd
    Date : 6/14/2013
    Very good results on all reels o put it on. Combined with the grease fishing reels are super smooth no problems.
    Reviewer : Jim
    Date : 6/24/2013
    I was advised by Larry against using �Hot Sauce� and he recommended Rem Oil or Boca�s High Speed Oil. After receiving the High Speed oil and applying it to my OS reel bearings, I noticed a dramatic improvement in speed and smoothness. Good stuff!
    Reviewer : S. Vankirk
    Date : 7/25/2013
    Order was accurate and timely per Boca�s usual business practices. I will not use anyone else for my bearing needs.
    Reviewer : Luis
    Date : 9/6/2013
    I received the shipping correctly. The service is excellent.
    Reviewer : Andrew
    Date : 1/6/2014
    Feedback on my Lightning Lube high speed oil. I have a curado with Boca replacement bearings. I was happy with the performance of my reel without the oil, but after Lubrication I couldn't believe the distance and smoothness. I was amazed
    Reviewer : Alan
    Date : 1/16/2014
    Rec order fast
    Thank You
    Reviewer : Jim
    Date : 1/20/2014
    I recently purchased LBT Lightning Lube High Speed Oil and I am very satisfied with my entire online purchasing experience with the Boca Bearing Company. An extremely good product, a very good price and the shipping was timely. Great service and I will be a repeat customer. Thank you.

    Reviewer : gole
    Date : 1/21/2014
    good product High speed oil, I recommend to anyone who wants to buy something good, good company.
    Reviewer : Johnathan
    Date : 2/3/2014
    Really good product shipping was fast and had no damage.
    Reviewer : Brian
    Date : 5/6/2014
    Great product and really improves casting distance and operation of my Shimano reels.
    Reviewer : Don Mccubbins
    Date : 10/13/2014
    Just three drops in my hybrid ceramic hub bearings which are lubed with Acer Racing Acer Goo increased the free spin time of my wheels by fifty %. I also put three drops into the hybrid ceramic bearings in my Omni Racer bottom bracket, which had a very noticeable affect. When I received my new bike that has conventional steel ball hub bearings, I put three drops into each side to the hubs. Amazingly the free spin times were very close to the ceramic bearing hubs. I put a drop on the pivot points of the front and rear derailers on both bikes, shifting was noticeably improved. This oil is the real deal for enhanced performance of bike components. I am thinking of brushing a little on the chain since I am emboldened by the striking difference it provided in all the other applications I used it for.
    Reviewer : Jack
    Date : 11/27/2014
    Best oil ever. Use it on all my reels. Shimano, Abu Garcia and Quantums................
    Reviewer : TRACY GEORGE
    Date : 12/26/2014
    I been buying these bearings for a while now with no issues,solved all my engine leak problems,makes them engines run so sweet and helps keep that tune that make you want too pull your hair out,yea you know what i mean,i use these bearings in all my engine builds,i stand by them 100% and I approve this message, better get you some guys!!
    Reviewer : Pawel
    Date : 1/28/2017
    I'm using this oil exclusively for spool ceramic ball bearings in all my baitcasters now. I'm really pleased of performing and casting results . Highly recommend this product, and thanks Boca for great product again !
    Reviewer : Jim
    Date : 2/27/2018
    Lightning lube  
    I clean out my bearing then place a small drop of lightning lube on the cleaned bearings, I can say they spin alot more free. I haven't been able to cast do to winter weather. But I'm sure I will see a difference in casting distantance.
    Reviewer : Brian McClatchey
    Date : 3/7/2018
    I need the BEST lubricant/ oil/ grease for my oldboy premium ceramic bearings i use on my longboard/ cruiser setup to cruise around town.

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