Is No-Prep Just a Fad?

Is No-Prep Just a Fad?

It seems that no-prep RC drag racing (NPRCDR) has taken the RC car market by storm. Following a surge of interest, leading RC manufacturers have rushed to the NPDR scene with a spate of new products. 


This has led many RC enthusiasts to question whether the NPRCDR trend has enough staying power to be worthy of investment. Is NPRCDR just a fad, or is it here to stay?


Off the Shelf


Major brands including Traxxas, Losi, and Team Associated (to name a few) have gotten out in front of the NPRCDR market, producing RTR kits such as the Traxxas Drag Slash or the Losi 22s Drag Car. 


Team Associated has also gone “all-in,” recently announcing the release of the DR10M kit, a mid-motor upgrade for their already successful DR10 racing platform.


But it is not just the racing car brands themselves that are propelling the NPRCDR craze. Major aftermarket parts brands have also jumped on board. Top parts brands such as Proline, Jconcepts, Exotek, and others are adding substantial support to the NPDR market and giving RC enthusiasts plenty to think about – and shop for.


Off the Line


In fact, things are moving fast in NPRCDR that multiple National Events are popping up all over, many offering cash prizes over $10,000. 


In Las Vegas this April, the King of the Streets event saw a payout to the winner of $23,000. The RC community is also eagerly awaiting the announcement of the 2022 Super Chip event hosted in Oklahoma. The 2021 Super Chip brought an amazing payout of $25,000, probably the largest RC payout yet. Will this year’s Super Chip offer even more.


Here to Stay


Those curious about the longevity of the NPRCDR craze would be well advised to “follow the money.” The RC industry’s top players tossing around this kind of top-tier prize money is a clear indication of where they see NPRCDR headed. 


With large events, Payouts over $20,000, dozens of hot new products hitting the shelves, and local clubs starting up throughout the US, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to see NPRCDR as a fad, and more as a very clear and exciting reality.


It’s kind of like drag racing itself – all pedal and no brakes. Enjoy the ride!