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Q: Can the seals be removed from lightning ceramic bearings for maintenance?

…to do is contact us and let us know the make and model of your reel and we will let you know if the shields are removable for the specific bearing for your reel. You can take a…

Q: How do I properly spin test my fishing reel bearings before installation?

A: We always suggest testing ceramic bearings by putting them under load. Fishing reel bearings are relatively small and ceramic is much lighter than steel so there is just not…

Q: I noticed that your Green Seal RC Car & Truck Bearings are "maintenance free and lubed for the life of the bearing." Would these bearings still be maintenance free if run in wet conditions, or even submerged in water?

…intact they will last you a long time without maintenance. If you require bearings that are going to be submerged in water please contact us directly to discuss specialty bearings.

Q: Do you ship internationally and what shipping methods are available?

…in our drop-down list, we are unable to ship orders to that country. We ship orders via US Mail, FedEx or UPS. The most reliable way to ship internationally is by UPS and Fedex.…