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Precision is key, amirite? 👀 From Radial to Thrust to Full Ceramic, each of our bearings are specially designed to last under high loads, high speeds & the most extreme…
2019-08-19 15:01:38
Radial, Thrust, Angular Contact, Full Ceramic, Ceramic Hybrid... the list goes on! 🤩 Let's get started on that project you've been thinking of all summer long. Choose the best fit…
2019-08-07 15:01:34
…We’re thinking small! 0.6mm Inner Diameter to be exact. Take a look at our full and hybrid ceramic Miniature Bearings, perfect size to fit your wrist watch or smallest robotics…
2019-06-28 15:01:50
Though they are small, they are mighty! Check out our newest full and hybrid ceramic Miniature Bearings, radial bearings designed to fit your smallest inventions. Same high…
2019-06-12 18:10:13
…performance in such a small package. Grab some of our Miniature Steel, Full Ceramic, or Ceramic Hybrid bearings today for projects that require micro-precision and performance.
2018-09-25 13:01:40
…If your project needs a bearing that can handle the speed, heat, and pressure, our Mini bearings are the perfect fit. Available in Steel, Full Ceramic, or Ceramic Hybrid bearings.
2018-09-12 17:35:03
Go faster and higher knowing you’re rolling with Boca Bearings! Our Full Ceramic bearings are built specifically to operate at high RPMs, withstand harsh environments and require…
2018-08-28 17:30:17
Our bearings really thrive where other bearings break down. Built for extreme pressure, and high RPM’s, you can count on our Full Ceramic bearings to handle the heat.
2018-08-21 13:05:09
Kick off your July 4th week right and enjoy 25% off ALL bearings. Use promo 25JULY18 to get 25% off all of our bearings! Mini, Full, Hybrid Ceramics, and so much more.
2018-07-01 18:05:04
Whoever said bigger is better hasn’t seen our mini full ceramic bearings in action! Little (size ranges from 2mm ID to 15 mm ID) but incredibly tough, …
2018-06-19 19:00:41
… the next-level semiconductor or miniature-robots of the future, our Full Ceramic Mini Bearings are built to withstand extreme temperatures while reaching…
2018-06-08 21:00:25
… bearings on a zero tolerance 0808 folding knife with ceramic silicon nitride. These full ceramic bearings will make your knife last longer with minimal…
2018-06-02 18:36:01