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How to Install Boca Bearings on MegaBass Zonda 68 Reel

How to Install Boca Bearings on MegaBass Zonda 68 Reel
…installation. Tools needed: spool pin tool, small and regular flat screwdriver, paper clip and thin wire fish hook. Boca Bearings Fishing Reel Models: Boca… 2015-03-09 15:00:02

Traxxas Slash LCG: Reassembly (Part 7)

Traxxas Slash LCG: Reassembly (Part 7)
Part 7: new Boca Bearings ceramic bearings swap series -- re-attach the front and rear clips to the chassis to make it complete again and setting up a quick break-in run. These… 2015-06-08 19:00:01
Quick video clip of what the SAB Goblin 380 is capable's Jason Bell is on the sticks. See the entire video on the Team Blog:…
2015-03-26 17:01:10
To let you capture immersive virtual reality clips with only a smartphone, startup Emergent VR is making an app that combines video with spherical photos.
2015-10-29 15:57:54
…the first day ( Go to 5:12 to see a super short clip me riding the top part of stage 3.Both Sean Leader (the third member of the Santa Fe…
2014-05-28 11:02:16
…scale, FD styleClass C and D will be on second track, circle type with clipping points, 2 at a time spaced free for all wider lanes more for the…
2013-07-31 08:54:31

Q: Are the seals fixed or held in place by c-clips?

A: On the removable shields there are c-clips to hold them in place.