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Fishing Reel Tuning


How To Super Tune a Shimano Curado Fishing Reel

How To Super Tune a Shimano Curado Fishing Reel
…Shimano Curado fishing reel. Thanks to Jon B. over at Fishing the Midwest for this great tutorial on changing the spool bearings for a Shimano Curado fishing reel with Boca's… 2011-03-15 15:14:39
…another special surprise! We put together all of our best products for super tuning your fishing reels into one convenient place, and made it a great deal. For the next 2 months…
2014-03-11 13:44:53
…never sleeps. Recently we penned a celebratory column about reviving a pair of spinning reels that rust and corrosion rendered inoperable after a few days of fishing in saltwater.
2015-10-20 10:30:45
…his reels better than new. Brooks shared, “A bearing with no grease is like walking on land. A bearing with lube is like walking through mud.” Read how to tune up your reel for top…
2018-08-08 18:36:57
In the past years tuning and customizing reels got a voice of it's own, and starts to change the face of fishing. Faster bearings, lighter and lighter spools,
2012-02-08 12:35:50