Air Hockey Table Project : Part I

Air Hockey Table Project : Part I

Dec 29, 2022

Nicholas Cordero


Starting on Boca Bearings brand new air hockey table project, the first thing to be done is to 3D print some parts. Though this is not a very big project, the time it takes to print all of the necessary parts are quite time consuming. 




So far, I went ahead and printed the majority of the parts needed for this project. The only thing left to do is assemble it once I have CNC’d some of the walls and other panels. After printing some of the side wall supports, I realized that there was a change in size that I never noticed. 



The part on the left side is the correct size while the one on the right is about half of it. All of the dimensions are identical except the height, so when assembly time comes, I’ll then decide whether or not to reprint those. 


Another thing to note is the random blue and black part towards the back right. While printing, I ran out of filament, so to save this piece, I just added another filament of the same type to prevent it from being scrapped. 




To get an idea of the size of this table, I went ahead and put the pieces together and this is what our result size is roughly going to be in terms of length and width. 



After everything is done being printed, we can move along to the CNC machine and do the rest of the panels and game boards. We will use a polyethylene sheet to replicate the silky air hockey surface and other woods for the panels. After that will come the tedious task of wiring and coding the air hockey table to function properly, but that will come later on.