Gerardo Martinez - BMX Expert

Gerardo Martinez - BMX Expert

Jul 29, 2021

Boca Bearings

Bikes and music go together like peanut butter and jelly! At least that’s what we believe here at Boca Bearings.  Our friend Gerardo Martinez can wholeheartedly back us up on this since he is the  General Manager for Nuclear Blast Records (Meshuggah, Testament, Slayer, Exodus, Rob Zombie) and a BMX fanatic! 


Gerardo has been an active member of the BMX/Moto scene for over 20 years, he explains; “ the love and passion for heavy and fast music drew me to this opportunity to become part of this team nearly 20 years ago. Through music I’ve also been able to keep my other passions and hobbies alive. Some of which include BMX, Motocross.”  


Gerardo is proud to be a sponsor for  a supercross team on the AMA Monster Energy series. For Gerardo “BMX is all about restoring the old glory of the 80s and 90s bikes!” He confesses that as a child all he cared about was sealed bearings but now that he has earned seniority in all things BMX he only wants and expects high quality. 


One of the most valuable lessons Gerardo has learned in these two decades is to be patient, “That’s the key in this hobby as it can get quite expensive and you can get very anxious to finish. [you just have to wait for] the right parts with the right combination. In terms of music, it’s always been a challenge to land big acts and sometimes you lose some and sometimes you win some. It’s all about patience really.”  Even with all the ups and downs Gerardo is committed to his craft because for him it feels more like a passion rather than work. 


It turns out Boca Bearings has some swagger in the BMX community because  Gerardo heard about our bearings from “two of my buddies… Troy and Jeff from the BMX museum. They linked me up and here we are, the best bearings in the market!” We agree Gerado, we agree! 


Gerardo used Boca Bearings  to restore his old Revcore square pedals.  He used a mallet and a couple of thick pins to remove them. He made sure to use pieces of rubber to prevent damage.  Check out his bearing video here.  





So what’s next for Gerardo you may ask, well obviously he will continue to work at the record label and will get back “to the live shows finally after these two years of inactivity due to covid. We have many cool tours happening like the Rob Zombie tour, etc… and obviously continuing restoring some of my favorite vintage BMX bikes!”  All of that is music to our ears, pun intended as we seek to support all the Geradors out there who continue to pursue their hobbies and passions with determination and harmony. 


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